Living Authentically

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Living authentically means taking full responsibility and ownership for my choices, actions, values, beliefs, priorities, and feelings.  Living authentically means recognizing there is no one to blame for my life.  To live authentically requires that we be ruthlessly honest with and never lie to ourselves.  When we lie to ourselves a part of us dies.  When we face the truth, no matter how frightening, we feel alive.  Here are eleven questions to ask on a daily basis to help you move towards living more authentically.
  1. Why am I doing or believing this?
  2. For whom am I doing or believing this?
  3. If I want to do or believe this, why is this right for me?
  4. If I don’t want to do this, what would I rather be doing instead?
  5. What’s stopping me from doing or believing what I really want?
  6. Am I doing or believing this because I’m afraid to take my own position? If so, what am I afraid of?
  7. Am I doing or believing this because I feel pressured  by others to conform?
  8. Am I doing this to look good in the eyes of others or to gain approval?
  9. Am I doing or believing this out of habit?
  10. Am I living my life or someone else’s?
  11. Who or what am I blaming for my struggles?