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“I think it’s a mistake to ever look for hope outside of one’s self…I tried to die near the end of the war. The same dream returned each night until I dared not to sleep and grew quite ill. I dreamed I had a child and even in the dream I saw it was my life, and it was an idiot, and I ran away. But it always crept onto my lap again and clutched at my clothes. Until I thought, if I could kiss it, whatever in it was my own, perhaps I could sleep. And I bent to its broken face, and it was horrible…but I kissed it. I think one must finally take one’s life in one’s arms”. Arthur Miller, After The Fall

  • The keys to our success in life lie hidden in our pain.
  • We need to learn how to get close to and listen to our feelings in order to understand their message.
  • What we resist persists. This is the primary cause of emotional suffering.
  • What we feel, we can heal. This is the path to inner peace and power.
  • Feelings are information. Feelings are like emails. Feelings have reasons.
  • Feelings are the pathway to the deepest level of self-discovery.
  • The better we understand our feelings, the better we understand ourselves.
  • Our emotional pain usually has a long history behind it.
  • Feelings are windows to our unconscious.
  • Our unconscious organizing principles are the mental templates that determine how we experience the world.
  • When our hidden organizing principles are discovered, new worlds of possibility are revealed.